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    At Physio on Alice, we assess the real cause of your problem, relieve your pain, help you heal, and give you expert advice to live, work and play – better, happier and healthier.


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Physiotherapy treatments for relief, recovery and long-term health

Our treatments blend hands-on physiotherapist care and exercise therapy based on the most recent research, to give you real results, for life. At Physio on Alice we aim to provide you with pain relief and also empower you to recover from your injury and prevent recurrence.

  • Neck and back pain physiotherapy

    Advanced treatment for chronic pain, injuries,
    accidents and more, such as:
    • Postural Problems
    • Muscular and Joint Pain
    • Disc Injuries
    • Sciatica
    • Whiplash
    • Pregnancy Related Back and Pelvic Pain

  • Shoulder Injury physiotherapy

    Individualised treatment for shoulder injuries, such as;
    • Shoulder Dislocations/Instability
    • Rotator Cuff Injuries
    • Bursitis
    • AC Joint Injuries
    • Frozen Shoulder

  • Sprains, strains and tears physiotherapy

    Treatment to relieve, repair and strengthen
    against common sport and niggling injuries;
    • Ankle Sprains
    • Muscle Strains
    • Tennis Elbow and other Tendon Injuries
    • RSI

  • Knee Pain

    Advanced treatment for knee conditions, such as;
    • Runners Knee
    • Patella Dislocations
    • Knee Joint Pain
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Meniscus Injuries
    • Ligament Tears

  • Hip Pain

    Advanced treatment for hip conditions, such as;
    • Joint Pain
    • Muscle Pain
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Labral Tears

  • Sports and Gym Injury physiotherapy

    Injury prevention and cure for pro, amateur
    and recreational sports lovers:
    • Return to running programs
    • Biomechanical assessment
    • Injury prevention programs

  • Post-surgical recovery physiotherapy

    Individually tailored physio to help you get the
    best results from operations, such as;
    • ACL reconstructions
    • Hip and knee replacements
    • Rotator cuff repairs and Shoulder joint reconstructions
    • Arthroscopy
    • Spinal Surgery

  • Arthritis physiotherapy

    Designed to help you continue (or return to)
    an active life doing the things you enjoy;
    • Managing pain
    • Improved strength, fitness
    • Increased flexibility
    • To avoid/delay surgery


    The most recent evidence based treatment to provide you with;
    • Pain relief and management
    • Improved strength and flexibility
    • Exercise programs to help you return to work and exercise

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

    • Treatment of Whiplash Injuries, back pain, shoulder pain and other injuries caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents
    • Pain relief and management
    • Improved strength and flexibility
    • Exercise programs to help you return to work and exercise

Excellent Service

About your physiotherapist

Nathan Kemp – Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist for sports, running and back related injuries

Award-winning physiotherapy scholar 

Nathan graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) Honours Class I. He also won the Academic Merit Prize in 2009 as one of the highest performing students in the Faculty of Health Sciences.


Professional physio care from one sports fan to another

He offers physiotherapy assessments and treatment for all sports, injuries and levels – from kids and adults who play for the pure recreational joy, all the way through to participants at national tennis championships, gymnastics competitions and other elite sports.
Having competed at state level athletics, cross country and swimming, and at national surf lifesaving championships beach sprinting, he knows how important sport and exercise is in so many people’s lives.

Nathan’s own love and knowledge of his sport and exercise – along with the sprains, strains, tears and niggles that have come with them – means he provides you with:

  • •  very caring, empathetic sport and running physiotherapist treatments
  • •  a unique perspective when carrying out detailed biomechanical assessments
  • •  an invaluable blend of professional expertise and firsthand athlete experience.


He’s also the thinking back-pain sufferer’s physio
In his Honours research project, Nathan investigated the factors leading to the development of low back pain. He has great a skill at providing accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans that help patients enjoy long-term recovery – and enormous relief – from their back problems.


It’s always about better, happier and healthier lives


Above everything, Nathan offers each patient a promise to do everything he possibly can to help them get back to enjoying the things they love in life – long-term and pain-free.

Nathan is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Sports Medicine Australia.


John Tse

Physio for sports, work, elderly and chronic pain


John first knew he wanted to help people get better, and back to the things they enjoy, after suffering several sports injuries as a child.
Earning his Degree in Physiotherapy from Sydney University was also driven by a desire to help his parents, who suffered from degenerative neck and back pain, and repay them for the sacrifices they made to give him opportunities.


A multiskilled (and multilingual) physiotherapist


John has extensive knowledge and clinical experience in treating musculoskeletal, respiratory, neurological conditions, motor accidents and work-related injuries.

Clients enjoy his positive energy, caring nature and ability to make complex concepts easy-to- understand. And, to show the rest of us up, he can do it all in English, Cantonese or Mandarin.


Helping sport lovers and workers rebound from injury


As a mad keen basketball and volleyball player, John’s own on court battle scars include ankle sprains, muscle strains and patellar tendinopathy.

So, he understands the pain and disappointment of being sidelined, as well as the journey required to get back on track, court, field or anywhere else you play and feel your best. He provides sports treatment for:

  • • on-field sports injuries
  • • overuse sports injuries, such as tendinopathy
  • • basketball and volleyball-related injuries.

He also provides assessments and treatments to help clients with work-related injuries achieve their goals, such as:

  • • returning to work
  • • workplace rehab
  • • improving their quality of life
  • • physical function to support daily living.


Learning and sharing (makes for better caring)


John has an insatiable appetite for keeping up with the world’s latest physio research and techniques. This helps him refine his skills, provide the best possible assessments and treatments to his patients, and support other team members.
Outside work, John loves to unleash airballs and spikes in basketball and volleyball clashes with friends, run, bushwalk with his girlfriend, watch anime and play video games FTW at home!

 Peter Varun George – Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist for joints, muscles, bones and nerves


Peter started his career as a chiropractor in small town Canada. Many of his early clients were the firefighter-paramedics who put their bodies under enormous strain every day.

His passion for musculoskeletal medicine and helping people enjoy the best possible quality of life led him to physiotherapy.

Moving to Sydney, he completed his Masters in Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney.


Expert treatments for pains in the neck, back and knees


Peter has worked as a physio in private practices, medical clinics and state health programs, treating:

  • • people of all ages
  • • a vast range of injuries and conditions.

As an experienced musculoskeletal and neurological physiotherapist, he has assessed, diagnosed and
treated thousands of patients with:

  • • lower back and neck pain
  • • acute traumatic knee injuries
  • • chronic osteoarthritic knee pain.


Smart rehabilitation usually beats an operation


A firm believer of working in tandem with the remarkable healing capacity of the human body,
Peter’s approach to treatment combines:

  • • exercise and manual therapy
  • • technical knowledge and skills
  • • listening carefully to his patients.

As a result, many patients have been able to avoid surgery, even for serious injuries.

This includes a police recruit who suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon while running. After several months of non-surgical rehabilitation, he passed his police physical exam with flying colours and earned his place on the Force.


Tapping out contact sport injuries


Judo, wrestling and jiu jitsu have been a big part of Peter’s life – be it competing in days gone by, training, or treating the many shoulder and knee injuries that martial artist patients grapple with.

He combines all this experience, knowledge and passion to care for patients recovering from, and eager to, get back to their own sporting infatuations.

In 2020, Peter put his blackbelt in rehab to the ultimate test after sustaining a full-thickness PCL tear and LCL tear during ju-jitsu. Without surgery, he was able (and ecstatic) to return fully to his beloved sport and rec activities.


Continually learning and developing skills


To further enhance his patient experiences and outcomes, Peter also has qualifications in:

  • • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • • Introductory and Advanced Dry Needling
  • • Mulligan Mobilisations (Spinal, Upper Limb, Lower Limb)
  • • Active Release Techniques (Spinal, Upper and Lower Extremity)
  • • Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Professional Care

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FAQs – and answers we hope will help

Below are answers to questions you may have before you visit us at Physio on Alice.

How can I make an appointment?

You can book your appointment online  or call us (02) 8916 6369.


When is Physio on Alice open?

To fit around your busy life, we open by appointment Monday to Friday between 7am – 8pm and on Saturdays from 8am – 2pm. If you’d like to book you can check availability online here, or call us on (02) 8916 6369.


How much does your physio consultation cost?

The initial consultation fee is $115 (min. 45 mins). This includes time to help us assess your problem and work out the best physiotherapy treatments for your needs.

Follow-up appointments are $105 (min. 30 mins).

If you have multiple or complex injuries and need a longer appointment, please let us know when you book online or call the practice on (02) 8916 6369.


Is my consultation time, mine and mine alone?

Yes. All appointments are one-on-one and our physiotherapists only ever consult and treat one person at a time. So you’ll never be left wearing a heat pack or stranded on a machine while they go off to treat someone else!

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Not for most treatments. You only need a referral if your injury relates to a worker’s compensation or CTP insurance claim.


Can I claim through private health insurance?

Absolutely. HICAPS is available at our practice. Please bring your private health insurance card to your appointment so we can make your claim on the spot.


What do I need to bring?

Please bring any information relevant to your injury, including previous scans or reports and/or doctors referral.


How do I get to Physio on Alice?

If you are travelling by Car – please see our location map for directions. Unmetered street parking is always available on Alice Street and Clara Street in the quiet area around our practice. It’s not at all like the other end of Newtown!

If you are travelling by Bus or Train – our practice is about a 10 minute walk from Newtown and St Peters train station. Buses 308 (City – Redfern – St Peter’s – Marrickville Metro service) and 352 (Bondi Junction – Surry Hills – Newtown – Marrickville Metro service) stop right outside our door.

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